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Speaker Title Date   Time (hr:min:sec)
Berget Jelane Whole-heartedness 2009/12/19 Play 00:23:26
Misha Merrill The Importance of Harmony 2010/08/25 Play 00:36:18
Angie Boissevain Reflections on the Dalai Lama's Visit 2010/10/20 Play 00:21:09
Berget Jelane Working with the Destructive Emotions 2010/10/27 Play 00:31:25
Ruth Huber

Metta Song, words and music by Ruth Huber. Copyright 2005 Nobody's Fool Publishing used with permission. Contact: ruthsong@blueneptune.com

2010/11/01 Play 00:02:31
Ruth Huber

Mindful Chant, words and music by Ruth Huber. Copyright 2013 Nobody's Fool Publishing used with permission. Contact: ruthsong@blueneptune.com

2013/07/01 Play 00:01:33
Robert Cusick The Noble Eight-fold Path 2010/11/03 Play 00:33:03
Berget Jelane Gratitude 2010/11/23 Play 00:22:55
Margaret Gainer Generosity 2010/12/01 Play 00:47:10
Berget Jelane Patience/Forbearance 2010/12/15 Play 00:20:05
Sister Santussika Nothing At All To Worry About 2011/01/05 Play 00:39:22
Berget Jelane Wisdom 2011/01/19 Play 00:30:10
David Cohn Awareness 2011/01/26 Play 00:52:05
Angie Boissevain Living Gracefully With Pain 2011/03/02 Play 00:19:42
Jim Bronson Last Lasting Impression 2011/05/04 Play 00:29:50
Stephen Fulder (Isreal) Living the Dharma 2011/06/29 Play 00:45:05
Jim Bronson Refuges 2011/06/01 Play 00:34:33
Berget Jelane Death Came To My House 2011/06/22 Play 00:37:44
Misha Merrill Say One Word 2011/07/20 Play 00:38:19
Ines Freedman Reality versus Perception 2011/08/24 Play 00:38:44
Losang Drimay Refuge In The Three Refuges 2011/10/05 Play 00:50:09
Berget Jelane Mahapajapati's Story 2011/11/02 Play 00:31:01
Drew Oman Using The Brain To Support Meditation_A Guided Meditation 2012/01/04 Play 00:43:02
Drew Oman Using The Brain To Support Meditation_Talk 2012/01/04 Play 00:33:30
Berget Jelane Twelve Steps To A Compassionate Life 2012/01/25 Play 00:43:01
David Cohn Four Noble Truths 2012/01/25 Play 00:43:18
Berget Jelane Aging Gracefully 2012/01/21 Play 00:47:09
Berget Jelane Altruism 2012/02/22 Play 00:39:36
Sister Santusika One Auspicious Day 2012/02/29 Play 00:41:38
Rev.Gerald Sakamoto Pure Land Practices 2012/03/07 Play 00:41:38
Misha Merrill Dharmagates 2012/03/28 Play 00:44:22
Andrea Fella Desire And Sense Pleasures 2012/04/04 Play 00:39:51
Angie Boissivain Who Are We? 2012/05/30 Play 00:35:38
David Cohn Way-seeking Mind 2012/05/23 Play 00:20:41
Berget Jelane Integrity 2012/05/30 Play 00:39:13
Berget Jelane The Eight-fold Path 2012/05/30 Play 00:35:23
Robert Cusick Thoughts and Emotions 2012/06/06 Play 00:36:12
Kim Allen Tranquility 2012/07/18 Play 00:30:16
Sharon Allen Right Intention 2012/06/27 Play 00:28:43
Berget Jelane Five Spiritual Faculties 2012/08/15 Play 00:37:43
Drew Oman Four Noble Truths 2012/09/05 Play 00:38:33
Berget Jelane Gratitude 2012/09/19 Play 00:37:27
Berget Jelane The Soulful Citizen 2012/10/17 Play 00:31:51
Misha Merrill Choosing The World You Walk Into 2015/03/25 Play 00:42:49
Berget Jelane Dependent Origination 2015/04/01 Play 00:38:12
Margaret Gainer Meeting Your Own Mind 2015/04/15 Play 00:35:22
Kim Allen Being In Community 2015/04/29 Play 00:28:44
Shifu Jian Ying Meditation 2015/08/05 Play 00:44:37
Berget Jelane Karma 2015/08/19 Play 00:44:23
Carol Collins Renunciation 2018 Play 00:37:46
Andrew Bear Compassion For All Beings 2017 Play 00:44:15
Andrea Fella The Stain In The Cloth 2018 Play 00:40:49
Berget Jelane Empathetic Joy 2018 Play 00:28:36
Max Erdstein Samadi 2018 Play 00:32:34
Angie Boissevain The Importance of The Precepts 2017 Play 00:34:52
Berget Jelane Think Globally_Act Locally 2018 Play 00:32:03
Angie Boissevain The New Year 2019 Play 00:15:11
Kim Allen Ethical Considerations 2019 Play 00:49:26
Berget Jelane Ethical Considerations In Our Everyday Lives 2019 Play 00:50:40
Max Erdstein Dharma Practice 2019 Play 00:34:05
Girish Shah The Jain Way of Living 2019 Play 00:50:32
Max Erdstein What is Freedom 2019 Play 00:32:31
Berget Jelane What is Truth 2019 Play 00:28:34
Shifu Jianhu Measuring Our Progress In Meditation 2019 Play 00:43:37
Angie Boissevain Mutuality 2019 Play 00:16:32
Stephen Fulder Beyond Mindfulness 2019 Play 00:51:31
Carla Brennan This Is My Story And I'm Not Sticking To It 2019 Play 00:36:20
Berget Jelane The Refuges 2019 Play 00:32:29
Berget Jelane Taking Refuge In The Sangha 2019 Play 00:27:56