Welcome to San Jose Insight Meditation

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The San Jose Insight Meditation Sangha is a gathering of individuals who meet in order to learn, support and deepen their mindfulness practice. The Sangha welcomes anyone interested in pursuing this path. While insight meditation (or vipassana, pronounced "vi-pah-sa-na") is the central practice of the Sangha, we also invite teachers from other traditions, such as Zen, for regular weekly meditation and instruction.

Insight Meditation (or Vipassana) is one of the central teachings of the Buddha. It has flourished as a living practice for the past 2500 years. At the heart of insight meditation is the practice of focusing the attention on the breath, thus concentrating and calming the mind. This practice leads to Mindfulness or moment-to-moment observation that results in a clear, stable and non-judgmental awareness. Mindfulness practice as a spiritual path develops wisdom, compassion, loving kindness, generosity, and virtue.

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